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Whirlpool ADG 6949 Dishwasher Error Codes

Whirlpool dishwasher, Laden, Bauknecht service manual error codes

Concerns dishwasher brands Whirlpool (AD series ..), Bauknecht (GS series ..), Laden (C series). Equipped with electronic and manufactured since 1998 (Chassis Dolphin and its evolution).

List of failure codes and related solutions ADG6949 and related models

These Whirlpool ADG 6949 Dishwasher Error Codes are given for guidance on the diagnosis. They can sometimes be more or less reliable depending on the actual device failure. They are displayed to the consumer in the event of default.

  • Trouble code F1 or 1 LED flashes: Defective temperature sensor (can prevent the unit from starting). Value: 58 kilo-ohms at 20 ° C, 12 kilo-ohms at 60 ° c.
  • Fault code F2 or two flashes of light: Leaking. Water is collected from the base of the appliance. Check all organs.
  • Error code F3 or 3 flashes of light: heating circuit. Check resistance, wiring, and failing PCB.
  • Fault code F4 or four flashes of light: The device does not empty. Check drain system, bilge pump, water level sensor.
  • Fault code F5 or 5 LED flashes: faulty pump cycling. Check propeller blocked winding system startup, and change the default pump.
  • Error Code F6 or 6 LED flashing: No water from entering the unit. Check valve, inlet water valve and pipe.
  • Fault code F7 or 7 LED flashing: No detection of water ingress into the unit. Check Points F6 and flowmeter wiring, and failing card.
  • Fault code F8 or 8 LED flashing: No information received water level. Verify the presence of water sensor.
  • Error code F9 or 9 LED flashing: The water enters permanently into the machine. Check valve, flow meter, and if platinum.
  • Trouble code F0 or F10 or 10 LED flashing: Sensor detection of defective dirt. Default cycle is achieved by estimating the dishes are very dirty.
  • Fault code FA or 11 flashes of light: Optical presence of faulty water sensor. A check with the circuit board.
  • Fault code FB or 12 LED flashing: Water HS distributor. The water management system in the lower and upper arm is faulty. Check wiring, micro-motor, contact position, and perforated to incriminate default map disc.
  • Trouble code FC 13 or flashes of light: detection system defective automatic regeneration.
  • Trouble code 15 FE or flashes of light: the faulty memory card. Replace the card.

Stored in the device memory erase fault codes by a long press of 5 seconds start pause button. The device can then restart the cycle normally.

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