Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies

SMPS Repair

Avoid These SMPS Repair Mistakes

Well before doing any SMPS repair operation, here are a some errors you need to prevent! Now, we will consider 3 extremely typical errors which beginner techs get while fixing SMPS or switch mode power supplies. Besides, also experienced technicians make these types of mistakes too…smps repair

What about you? Do you commit those errors whenever performing switching power supply repair?

SMPS Repair manuals are very useful :

You do not have big experience however, won’t stick to SMPS repair guides which are exposed at a step-by-step approach complemented with plenty of pictures as well as good examples.

In reality, I know several technicians that choose to stick to text-extensive SMPS repair manuals as the exclusively reference manual. These people claim these electronics repair documents with entire detail by detail pictures are recommended just for “newbies”. I completely don’t agree! If you would like to fix the SMPS issues quickly, then Make sure you refer to repair manuals which are image rigorous. You may learn how to repair power supply a lot quicker using this kind of guides.

Talking about photo extensive repair manuals, there is one which you have to examine by following the web link supplied towards the end of the article. It is 271 pages having complete picture details – amazing!

Are you lazy while repairing SMPS!

Short circuit issue within the output line but you won’t take away the electronic components in this area individually. You shouldn’t be lazy! I used to spend much time to isolate issues within the output because I was very lazy to troubleshoot a single component at a time.

Believe me, having sufficient training it is easy to remove the electronic components and separate the power supply problem at turbo speed.Using shortcuts will not be advised concerning SMPS repair

Checking electronic components

You changed the switching IC with out verifying it completely. It is a very frequent problem and I did it more than once as i initially started fixing SMPS devices.

If you feel the power supply problem is on the power FET in particular, I propose you check the switching integrated circuit correctly prior to changing it. It is possible to build your personal IC testing device and use it in testing smps power IC. Never just substitute because you will end up losing dollars in case the power circuit happens to be good.

Sure, you are able to learn and understand SMPS repair and how to construct zener diode and power IC tester through the techniques and power supply troubleshooting strategies which are stuffed in more then 271 pages of the Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies Guide by Jestine Yong.

SMPS repair guide

Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies
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