Transformerless Power Supply

Transformerless Power Supply Circuit
transformerless power supply
capacitive power supply

High Current Transformerless Power Supply Circuit

High Current Transformerless Power Supply

The serious drawback of the Transformerless power supply is the low current  at the output. So we can’t drive loads that require more than 75 mA current, mainly High watt LEDs and Relay driver circuits. As a rule, 75 mA current will be available per uF capacitance. But this is theoretical and in practical situation, it will be less than 75 mA, because of …

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Transformerless Power Supply Circuit

Transformerless Power Supply Circuit Transformers are indispensable in the field of electronics. But the need for a bulky and expensive component like a transformer can be eliminated in circuits involving low current chips, by utilising the circuit presented here as a transformerless power supply. In addition to being compact and …

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