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Canon Camera Repair

Several weeks back when on holiday, my friend’s point and shoot Canon camera unexpectedly ceased functioning. The device would freeze practically instantly after switching it on, the retracting focus lens stuck on just what might be identified as its totally erect position and additionally a problem message shown causing the Canon digital camera to be useless.Canon camera repair Assuming this digital camera problem could be with whether the memory card or battery, each was substituted, however none repaired the Canon camera problem, and it had been finally changed by a different one. Although within the end of the week, after finding the stored/discarded equipment when spring cleanup, I chose to start a small precise examination, because there is practically nothing to lose other than time.

The push for repairing Canon digital camera is just curiosity, and additionally considering that a lot of on-line reviews regarding video camera repairs from an expert for “stuck lens” problems finish up charging almost or higher than the digital camera’s value in most cases. Becoming pretty skilled with small disassembly, this is what I did to repair canon camera problem :

Initial thing you should do while Canon camera repair oneself would be to be certain the device is not actually under guarantee which enable it to be fixed without cost by a specialist. Otherwise, you then need to organize a work space:camera disassembling

  • Concentrated overhead and strong source of light.
  • flat, clean working surface free of clutter; you will be disassembling a digital device, therefore you do not require additional things in the way.
  • A little anti-static textile; that will not just enable you to clean off every unwanted dust, still enable you to avoid smaller sized pieces from running aside while put on top of desck.
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver along with a Mini Torx Screwdriver Set.
  • Magnifier, in case required.
  • Compressed air.

Prior to disassembling and repair digital camera unit, take time to search on the internet for any camera repair videos relevant to your camera model when possible. It will offer you an understanding of what can be expected when disassembling the device. You additionally want to retain a notebook, mobile or tablet close by with guidelines/how to video tutorials available to analyze.
Whenever disassembling any canon digital camera, there may be a chance of harming the unit by static electricity, thus in addition you should eliminate every built-up static charge by contact a grounded metallic thing or utilizing a anti-static hand band.

Lets begin the Canon camera repair

This canon camera repair task had been very easy, simply needing to remove 6 #00 Phillips screws, that were set apart by dimension on an area where they may not move aside and off the desk. After taking away the front side of the case very softly, as not to break and harm it, I was capable to check the innards.

I discovered one of the connectors have loosened, as well as the fit of the top casing and the lens extension mechanism were not correctly in-line. digital camera problemTrying it with the case off and also connection tightened, the point and shoot Canon camera revealed itself to operate correctly okay once more, plus I could reassemble the digital camera with the housing in position.

All the things were excellent like new and today my friend has his preferred canon camera repaired and ready to employ any where and any time. My mainly regret is I did not think about attempting that before wasting cash to change the damaged camera weeks back!

A couple of extra idea whereas disassembling anything having greater than 3 elements:

  • get pictures or even take video clips of the operation

This can make it easier to determine what goes exactly where while placing anything back together.

  • work with a little compartment box to hold tiny screws together in corresponding groupings

It’s frequently the situation gadgets happen to be constructed having a variety of screws that appear approximately identical, yet are usually somewhat bigger or small in dimensions.

Hope this tutorial was helpful, if you have any additional tips about canon camera repair i will be happy if you share them.

Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies
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