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Samsung LCD Repair

Samsung LCD Monitor Repair 226BW Flashing

Samsung LCD monitors and TVs are the best models which are available in the market, but they aren’t perfect. Consumers have reported problems with various models. In some cases Samsung LCD repair can be done if you read your manual or by looking for support and updates on the Samsung website.

Today we will repair Samsung LCD monitor 226BW, the problem with this LCD is that the screen is flashing “pump” and putting more and more time to stabilize the image. This type of Samsung monitor failure can happen starting from three years of use or even less. You can apply this Samsung repair technique to other LCD TV or computer monitors since this type of failure is common on many Samsung models. Let’s take a look inside and try to repair LCD monitor.

Samsung Monitor Disassembly :

On the back of your damaged Samsung computer monitor or TV, remove the 3 screws that hold the foot, remove the cover (3 more screws). Remove the small cable on the right.


samsung lcd monitor

Unclip the metal plate on the left with a screwdriver and remove the 4 backlight cables. Make sure you identify their location and color.


backlight cables

samsung monitorInside the monitor data cableUnplug this cable lcd power supply
Samsung monitor power supply

Samsung LCD Repair

The monitor problem is on the Samsung power supply board, you will notice three bad capacitors on the secondary side output voltages. LCD monitor power supply failures aren’t always easy to spot, but in this case it was very clear that something was wrong, bulging capacitors indicate bad capacitors. So first thing you should do when repairing Samsung monitors is visually inspect any of these electrolytic capacitors, on primary or secondary side power supply, to see if any are bulging.

samsung power supply board

In this case of power supply problem I found 2 bad capacitors of 820uF 25V and 1 of 330uF 25V all were rated at 105°c. Unsolder old capacitors and replace them by new one. Even if not all the three caps were bulged, I recommend that you replace them all as that will not cost you much money. It is better to use a higher voltage capacitors for replacement 35V instead of 25V (lower ESR), this will make the life of these components much longer and your Samsung LCD monitor repair successful. Also you can use a 1000uF capacity for all these caps but not under the original value, only be sure that you have enough space as they will be bigger in size. Do not forget to respect the polarity of the replaced components before soldering or it will explode!

 power supply problem

As soon as you replace the three bad capacitors on your faulty Samsung monitor, you need to put every thing in place and you will get a working LCD monitor. Congratulation this act will save the planet and your pocket also!

Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies
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