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14 Best & Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaners :2018 Reviews

Having an extra hand will help you to finish the activities every day on time. It will also keep you strong, healthy by maintaining the surrounding environment hygiene.

When you thought of such wonderful creation, Robot vacuum cleaner should come into your mind. These wonderful robots are fun to watch and will greatly help you to clean the dirt on floors, carpets, under the beds, tables, chairs, and sofas using 2-sided brushes.

After doing months of research and tested the few by our team of experts, they suggested considering the factors like price, quality, room space and smart control before purchasing the robot vacuum cleaner.

Check them in detail to know more!

In this article, you will find the list of top 14 robot vacuum cleaners to buy online and also provided the “Buying Guide” that will help you to make right decision.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Check the Price
ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 robotic vacuum cleaner Check the Price
ILIFE A4s robot vacuum cleaner Check the Price
iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity Check the Price
Eufy self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner Check the Price
ILIFE V 5s robotic vacuum cleaner Check the Price
Housmile robotic vacuum cleaner Check the Price
Shark ion Robot 750 vacuum with Alexa (RV750) Check the Price
Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner   Check the Price
Oregon scientific strong suction robot cleaner Check the Price
PureClean automatic robot vacuum cleaner Check the Price
Robot vacuum cleaner by KOIOS Check the Price
iRobot Roomba 650 robot vacuum Check the Price
Dibea D960 robot vacuum cleaner Check the Price
Shark ion robot 720 vacuum with easy scheduling remote (RV720) Check the Price

1. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 robotic vacuum cleaner

ECOVACS was famous for establishing electronic devices and expands its business by providing high-quality products and customer services.

This is 1st in our top priority list for its rating and reviews. The branded robotic vacuum cleaner is very popular for its outstanding features like smart navigation and anti-collision sensors.

You may have doubt that whether it can hit furniture or not while performing a task. To your surprise, it has a bumper to keep the furniture or other essential things safe. It uses a lithium battery that makes the device run to clean the floor or ground with high efficiency.

Also, access this device through android or apple phones as it requires a frequency range of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal.

If you have no idea about how to use this wonderful device, read the instructions or step by step guide provided in the manual to be familiar with robot vacuum cleaner.

When you purchase this robot vacuum cleaner, you get:

  • A remote controller
  • Sponge filter
  • Side brushes
  • High-efficiency filter
  • Power adapter and
  • Docking station

The performance of this vacuum cleaner is fantastic as it comes anti-collision sensors, obstacle avoidance and smart navigation system at very expensive prices. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly, then go for ECOVACS Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner that has smart sensor navigation for cleaning pet hair and allergens on carpet, hardwood and tile floors.


  • High efficiency.
  • Greater battery life.
  • Auto-rechargeable.
  • Smart connectivity option.
  • Offers 1 year of warranty.


  • Made with poor quality materials.

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2. ILIFE A4s robot vacuum cleaner

2nd one in the list is from Avalon direct. This is the famous brand for offering competitive products and high standard customer services.

The design of the product is very simple and comfortable to use even for beginners. The vacuum cleaner starts automatically, schedules the programs and even returns to the docking section for recharging.

Multiple sensors used in this device avoids falling off or bumping around. It cleans neatly under beds, tables, along with the walls and clutters. The superior batteries help to clean the floor continuously for 140 minutes and prolong its lifetime also.

You must check the following options before you start using this device:

  • AC power adapter
  • Charging base
  • Cleaning tool
  • Side brushes
  • Filters and
  • A user-guide

Overall, the performance is absolutely fantastic. There is no doubt in considering it as the best for its portable nature and prolong battery usage. But the only downside of this vacuum cleaner is that it gets stuck when used continuously for a long time.


  • Very economical to buy.
  • 12-months warranty scheme.
  • Automatic working option.
  • Prolonged battery lifetime.
  • Delivers high performance.
  • Contains a user-friendly manual.


  • Sometimes it gets stuck.

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3. iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity

Next one in the list is from iRobot. It is one of my favorite brands that offer high-quality performance and also compatible with smart devices. For this reason, it is listed number 3.

This device comes with all the features that a vacuum cleaner must have.  Internally, it is equipped with dirt to detect sensors, intelligent sensors, brushes and auto-adjusting mode to clean the carpets, floors thoroughly.

You can make the vacuum cleaner work with simple voice commands connected through Wi-Fi network. The main drawback of it is that it cannot work persistently for a long time. Apart from this, it’s completely good to purchase.

This wonderful iRobot vacuum cleaner comes with the following features:

  • Filter
  • User-guide
  • Cleaning tool
  • Charging station and
  • A dual mode barrier


  • Smart connect.
  • Works according to voice commands.
  • Auto-adjustment cleaning mode.


  • Expensive
  • Poor compatibility.

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4. Eufy self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner

Eufy home comes with simple and smart solutions that light up your life. It mainly focuses on home appliances like cleaning, air-quality and many other commercial products. This is why it made us list number 4.

This robot vacuum cleaner runs with a power booster technology that automatically increases the suction power. It has a lithium battery that constantly delivers 100 minutes of power and makes the robot work effectively.

On the whole, the performance is satisfactory. The only downside in this robot vacuum cleaner is that you cannot connect to your smartphones (through Wi-Fi technology) in the absence of remote.

Premium features of robotic vacuum controller are:

  • Filters
  • IR sensor
  • Power adapter
  • Charging base
  • Remote controller
  • Extra side brushes
  • A welcome guide and
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass


  • High capacity batteries.
  • Offers a user manual.
  • Uses power booster technology.
  • 12-months of warranty by the product manufacturer.


  • Too expensive.
  • Poor built quality.
  • No possibility for smart integration.

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5. ILIFE V 5s robotic vacuum cleaner

Number 5 is the famous brand ILIFE. This brand is specialized in selling the house equipment like kitchen faucets, bathroom accessories, lights and many other home improvement items at wholesale prices. It is committed to providing high-quality services to the customers.

Just like other models, it also cleans the floor neatly and makes them look shiny (especially the white marbles). It has all the features starting from slim design to sensors and can easily clean under the sofas, tables, chairs, and beds.

When you constantly make the device to perform the specific task, generates little noise. This makes the device uncomfortable to use and is the major disappointment in it.


  • Light slim design.
  • Automatically recharges the robotic vacuum.


  • Highly priced.
  • It doesn’t feature waterproof.

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6. Housmile robotic vacuum cleaner

Housmile has built up all its resources for extensive and diverse product marketing in the field of electronics. This wonderful brand is specialized in smart humidifiers, LED lights, wireless doorbells, and many other household devices.

It mainly focuses on 100% customer satisfaction and also offers 30 days money back guarantee scheme from the date of purchase.

This robot vacuum cleaner helps to clean the floor by facilitating under the tables, chairs, sofas, and beds.

The high capacity lithium battery used in the vacuum cleaner delivers 90-minutes of power continuously via. Powerful suction.  2-sided brushes remove the dust particles or allergens.

When you get this Housmile   vacuum cleaner, you must look into the contents like:

  • AC adapter
  • 4-side brushes
  • Cleaning tool
  • Screws and
  • A welcome guide

Overall, the performance of Housmile robot vacuum cleaner is good and best suits for people who tend to be too busy all the time. There is no doubt in getting what you pay for.


  • Very low price.
  • Highly reliable.
  • High capacity batteries.
  • 12-months warranty.
  • Features obstacle avoidance.


  • Noise interference.
  • Doesn’t support with Android or IOS devices.

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7. Shark ion Robot 750 vacuum with Alexa (RV750)

The shark ion robot is the ultimate smart device of all the mentioned above. It is highly reliable and makes the users handle comfortably. That is why shark ion robot vacuum cleaner is listed number 7.

This kit comes with a lot of handy features and very few limitations. It has a self-cleaning brush that captures allergens and dust to prevent from being sick all the day. You can also access side brushes from edges and corners through 1-step activation.

Long life batteries allow you to clean for an hour. Though it is bit expensive you can purchase the kit for the wonderful features it has:

  • Filter
  • Battery
  • Boundary connectors
  • Charging dock and
  • Cleaning tool

It is considered as one of the best in our list of 14 because of its smart navigation option and overall performance is quite impressive. The only downside of this product is of high-cost and the equipment is made of poor quality materials.


  • Long life batteries.
  • Smart sensing.
  • Access to Wi-Fi.


  • Low-profile design.
  • Too expensive.

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8. Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner  

Number 8 is going to be from Xiaomi brand. It is the popular brand for designing entry level to the mid-range electronic gadgets. For its good quality nature and price tag, we listed number 8.

The unique feature of this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is automatic cleaning and charging mechanism. When you set the time slot, it performs the task accordingly and then goes to the charging mode. It also features the laser distance sensor, anti-collision detector with a slim design enabling the robot cleaner to work in a narrow space (up to 250-meters).

Many of the users buy this product for its attractive price, quality and also scan the surrounding by 360° (1800 times per second). Just a make try of this product for housecleaning purposes.


  • Able to scan 360°.
  • Anti-collision detection.
  • Offers high-quality products.


  • No user manual.
  • Too expensive to buy.

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9. Oregon scientific strong suction robot cleaner

Oregon suction robot cleaner is a built-in high-performance brushless motor that covers the maximum home space and helps to wipe out the dust or unwanted particles on the floor.

It features a 2-side brush, rubber brush to collect the dirt and clean neatly. When both of them functions together it creates strong cleaning action. Also, the built-in power supply, collision sensor, IR sensor makes the vacuum cleaner more smart to buy.

The major parts included in the kit are:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Remote controller
  • Sponge filter
  • Brush
  • Power adapter
  • Charging dock and
  • User-manual.

The major drawbacks with this kit are that it doesn’t feature smart connectivity option and the materials are not waterproof. But the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner is excellent.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Provides a user-manual.
  • Built-in power supply module.
  • Multiple cleaning modes.


  • Not a waterproof.
  • Doesn’t support smart connectivity.

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10. PureClean automatic robot vacuum cleaner

PureClean robot vacuum cleaner is the latest version of vacuum cleaners with advanced programming. It is a budget-friendly device compared to others in the list.

This wireless device cleans the floor with single touch set up. The sensors in it detect the gap and keep it from running away. Also, the dual rotating brushes wipe out the dirt at every corner of the house.

It is an affordable product with the upgraded features for smooth and comfortable usage. The performance of the product is impressive because it has overcome the problem of getting stuck and climbing the obstacles.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to monitor.
  • Dual rotating brushes
  • Multiple cleaning patterns.
  • Comes with the advanced features like climbing the obstacles.


  • Low-profile design.
  • Poor built quality.

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11. Robot vacuum cleaner by KOIOS

Number 11 is from the KOIOS brand that offers home-based electronic tolls and is mainly committed to providing better services to the customer. Undoubtedly, it is the best product for its unique quality in custom design and the flexibility nature.

The robot vacuum cleaner features smart navigation system, multiple cleaning modes, brushes and a superior battery to make the floor look shiny. HEPA filter is also included in the device that helps to remove the pet’s fur.

An instruction manual in the kit contains the step by step procedure to get access to a vacuum cleaner with the remote.

The only downside of this vacuum cleaner kit is the performance diminishes when you use it continuously for a long time.


  • Smart navigation system.
  • Automatically adjusts to the floor type.
  • Strong suction vacuum cleaner for home.
  • 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year warranty by the product manufacturer.


  • Doesn’t feature smart connectivity option.

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12. iRobot Roomba 650 robot vacuum

Next one in the list is from iRobot vacuum cleaner. It is a very popular brand for designing robots and other electronic gadgets. Though it is bit expensive, delivers high performance as compared to others.

This vacuum cleaner mainly features sensors to navigate, brushes to make dirt-free and power adapters for charging the device. It can even recharge and clean the floor automatically when you properly set the time slot.

When you wish to buy this kit you should look into the components like:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Charging station
  • Wall barrier
  • Extra filter and
  • Cleaning tool

Apart from these wonderful components, it also contains an instruction manual that helps the users to understand the working of vacuum cleaner through a remote controller.

Overall, the performance of the kit is fantastic and there is no doubt in considering it as the best. The main advantage of using this is that it has an auto-adjusting option (carpet, tile, and wood) that no other vacuum cleaner has in the given list.

If you are not satisfied with the amazing features it provides then iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaner is the best choice. Because it comes with dual-mode virtual barrier, extra side brushes, dock station, batteries, and user manual. Though it is expensive provides better performance with greater efficiency.


  • An instruction manual.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Automatic recharge facility.
  • 12-months warranty by the product manufacturer.


  • Noise interference.

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13. Dibea D960 robot vacuum cleaner

Dibea is a professional brand for providing one-stop solutions to the household activities. It mainly focuses on giving the customer a high-quality product and services. That is why we have listed in the top 14 robot vacuum cleaners.

This vacuum cleaner is very comfortable to use and run smoothly when you access the device using the remote.  It removes the dirt from all sorts of a floor from hard to thick carpet with an ease.

It features numerous functionalities starting from versatile cleaning modes to sensors and brushes. The outer layers are covered with anti-scratch tempered glass (of 3-inch design) that makes easy to clean under furniture and clutters.

The list of contents that a Dibea robot vacuum cleaner has is:

  • Advanced brushless motor
  • 2-side brushes
  • Power suction
  • Adapter
  • Filter and
  • Remote controller

Overall, the performance of Dibea robot vacuum cleaner is good. The major downside of the product is that it doesn’t feature a smart connectivity option and cost-effective.


  • Highly reliable.
  • Multiple cleaning options.
  • Portable and stylish design.
  • Access through a remote controller.


  • Not a budget-friendly.

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14. Shark ion robot 720 vacuum with easy scheduling remote (RV720)

Yet, this is another model from Shark ion robots. This time it comes with dual-spinning modes and smart navigation methods. It is very good to use for cleaning the floor under the tables, chairs, and beds.

Its uniqueness lies in maintaining the product standards for a longer duration.

To make use of this device, you need to install Shark ion robot app to monitor the vacuum cleaner. It also features dual-spinning brushes, long life batteries that make the users handle effectively.

Overall, the performance of Shark ion robot vacuum cleaner (720) is good because of its simple design and convenient nature. But the only thing is that it sometimes gets stuck and cannot overcome the obstacles. That is why we have numbered 14 in our list.

The advanced version of this model is Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum. It has the amazing features similar to the 720-model. But the only features that made this device more special is the dual-brush edge cleaning and easy emptying of dustbin.


  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • Uses long-life lithium batteries.
  • Dual-spinning brushes.


  • Get stuck too easily.
  • Very expensive to buy.

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Buying Guide for Robot vacuum cleaners

Consider the following factors to purchaging the Best Robot Vacuum cleaners.

1. Battery life

These amazing robot vacuum cleaners run on batteries that are to be re-charged and docks automatically.  A decent robot vacuum cleaner has a run time of 60-minutes and needs to return to the charging station.

A vacuum cleaner is considered to be good if the battery lifespan is above 90+ minutes. Here is the classification, check it out!

  • <60 minutes- Not Acceptable
  • =60 minutes- Low-end & budget-friendly device
  • 60-80 minutes- Mid-range
  • 80-90 minutes- High end, top line

2. Remote control

Nowadays, most vacuum cleaners come with a remote control or smart app features to monitor the room by changing the settings. You can actually schedule the robot vacuum cleaners manually to clean the floor, but if you are looking for a flexible option then go with the smart navigation models that automatically clean your home.

3. Brush type

The vacuum cleaner brushes determine how well it cleans the floor. It is one of the major factors that you should look into before purchasing robot vacuum cleaners.

Usually, it has a brush bar to lift and suck the dirt; whereas the recent models come with

  • Turbo brushes that utilize the maximum floor space.
  • Sweeper brushes spindle a little and rotate at edges.

Both the cleaning brushes may look ineffective but an ultimate handy to direct dust into the vacuum cleaner.

4. Cleaning modes- The more you invest more chances of cleaning modes you get.

Ideally speaking, when you spend more money on products, you look for outstanding features like smart connectivity, upgrade options and cleaning modes. When you talk about cleaning modes there is an auto-mode option to move the device automatically in your room. It completely focuses on particular area and works until it runs out of battery.

5. Room size

Modern vacuum cleaners are well-equipped with the amazing features. Because, if the size of the room is small you can go with less featured (low-price too) robot vacuum cleaner. But for large rooms, you need everything starting from smart navigation feature, long battery life to auto-recharge option.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is our top pick from the list of 14 best robot vacuum cleaners because of the advanced features like smart navigation (supports both Android & IOS devices) method, anti-collision, and smooth handling nature that it has. It can even work effectively by assigning the time slots to perform the cleaning process; when you are away from the home.

This device also comes with 1-year of warranty by the product manufacturer that offers high-class products and premium customer services.

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