Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies

16 Tips For Cutting Down Electricity Bill

Are you tired of paying hefty electricity bills for your home every month? Well, the good news is that there are various ways to reduce the electricity bill. Here, I am giving some of the tips that can be implemented easily by residents.

Tip #1: Have an energy audit

This is the first and foremost step. Energy assessment helps to find out the possible opportunities to save energy without compromising comfort levels. Consumers can hire energy auditors for this assessment.

Tip #2: Go for the rooftop solar system

Solar energy is available free of cost. In the on-grid system, with the help of net metering, the consumer needs to pay for only ‘net’ energy used. ‘Net energy consumed’ is the difference between energy generated by the solar system and energy consumed by the consumer. In addition, use of the solar system helps in reducing carbon emission releasing into the atmosphere.

Tip #3: Always put a cold meal in the refrigerator

Putting hot food in the refrigerator raise the temperature inside the refrigerator’s compartment and hence, the compressor runs little longer to bring down the temperature to the set temperature. This consumes more energy, which increases the electricity bill. Food should be kept inside the refrigerator after allowing it to cool down nearly to room temperature.

Tip #4: Select the appropriate location of the refrigerator

There must be enough space for ventilation. Also, never put a refrigerator with hot sources. Hot sources increase the temperature of the surrounding location of the refrigerator. This results in improper convection process putting an extra burden on the compressor. At least 10 cm of the gap from the rear wall is required for proper heat dissipation.

Tip #5: Never put excess food in the refrigerator

Keeping excess food in the refrigerator may block the air vents inside compartments and hence obstructs the proper air circulation. The compressor has to work extra to keep the temperature uniform inside the compartment resulting in more power consumption. Food inside the refrigerator should be kept in a well-organized manner.

Tip #6: Regularly clean the back coils of the refrigerator

Regularly clean the back coils (recommended to get it done by an expert). Dust accumulation on coils does not allow the convection process to happen properly. Due to this reason, the compressor runs more in order to maintain the set temperature increasing energy consumption.

Tip #7: Clean clothes in cold water in the washing machine

Washing machines come up with the option of raising water temperature, which is achieved by the built-in heater. Heater consumes extra power to raise the temperature of the water. Hence, the cold option should always be selected unless needed in the washing machine to wash clothes in order to save energy.

Tip #8: Dry clothes in sunlight

Use of dryer can be avoided if clothes are dried up in sunlight thus minimizing the energy consumption.

Tip #9: Clean air filters of the air conditioner at regular intervals

Dust accumulation on air filters obstructs the airflow. This puts extra load on air fans. Extra load means more power consumption. Hence, the air filter should be cleaned at least once in two weeks or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Tip #10: Fins and coils of the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly

Dust accumulation on fins and coils obstruct the convection process. Due to which the compressor runs more in order to maintain the inside temperature. The fins and coils need to be cleaned on a regular interval as per manufacturer’s recommendations given in user manual. However, if the outer unit is kept in the dusty atmosphere, it should be cleaned every week.

Tip #11: Set right temperature for air conditioners

Studies have shown that humans feel comfortable between temperature 22 to 27 degree Celsius and relative humidity between 40% to 60%. Recently the government of India has advised for setting AC temperature at 24 degree Celsius, which comes under comfort zone. Setting temperature at 18 degree Celsius makes the compressor run longer time consuming more energy. Increasing set temperature by one degree Celsius saves 6% energy.

Tip #12: Stop using old appliances

It is better to sell off or ditch the appliances older than 10 years. The efficiency of appliances decreases after such a long period of usage.

Tip #13: Purchase Energy efficient appliances

Always purchase energy-efficient appliances. Star labeled appliances are more energy efficient. A five-star labeled machine consumes less energy as compared to a non-star rated machine with the same technical specification.

Tip #14: Go for inverter technology while buying new appliances

If new appliances need to be bought then choosing appliances with inverter technology is a much better option as far as power consumption is concerned. For example, the compressor of regular AC (non-inverter) runs almost at full load in order to achieve set temperature. Whereas with the help of inverter technology speed is varied depending on set temperature and power is consumed accordingly. Around 10% to 30% power can be saved by adapting inverter technology appliances.

Tip #15: Use Energy-efficient glasses for windows

In the summer season, the temperature goes beyond 40 degree Celsius in hot countries like India. Normal windows have high heat gain. Due to this, the air conditioner’s compressor runs longer to achieve the set temperature consuming more power. Energy saving windows have low heat gain. In technical terms, windows having low SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) should be selected.

Tip #16: Replace incandescent lamps with LED lights

Around 80% energy can be saved by replacing incandescent lamps with LED lights without affecting lumen intensity.

Global warming is a major concerned. Saving energy not only helps residents in reducing their monthly electricity bills but it also helps in reducing Green House Gases and other emissions releasing into the atmosphere. In this way, residents can reduce their carbon footprints into the atmosphere.

Krunal A. Shah is the Director of Subodh Tech Private Limited (Self-owned)

16 Tips For Cutting Down Electricity Bill

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Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies
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