Best Electronics Repair PDF Books (2021)

This page presents a selection of recommended books for learning electronics:

Books are an excellent way to learn and understand all aspects of electronics. They are written by specialists in their fields and can be indispensable resources for conducting a project or for supporting a student.


Repairing a broken electronic board is a science. If troubleshooting is a science, it requires a perfect knowledge of general electricity and of the usual electronic functions which constitute, by assembly, the electronic boards. It is necessary to know how to interpret the role of each function and the reaction in case of malfunction by analyzing the block diagram.

Generally a defective electronic component adopts a characteristic behavior to its kind: Short circuit, open circuit (cut), etc…

Are you aiming for or studying electrical engineering?

You can only achieve your goal if you get the best electrical engineering books. With millions of books available for purchase, finding the perfect book for your career can be very important.

With a book from a reputable author, however, it is possible to achieve your dream with little effort. Now, if you are looking for a book to maintain your engineering course, you need to check out the book that fits your level.

In this page, we have compiled a list of electrical and electronics engineering books for EE students and for those who have already graduated but want to improve there electronics repair skills.

PDF books on electronic circuit troubleshooting :

These books are the reference for students and engineering students who want to learn the fundamental concepts of electronics repair in a clear, progressive and applied way. Each chapter is composed of a course accompanied by numerous examples from the industrial world, methodological points and technical sheets. Corrected exercises and problems, of progressive difficulty and grouped by subject, as well as multiple-choice questionnaires constitute a set of very effective self-assessment tools; numerical simulation files allow students to practice under real conditions.